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Timothy B. Layden

about collaboration:







All art is collaboration.  It involves people and their experiences with one another. Even what we create in isolation is the result of our shared experience. It is often only when what we have crafted is shared that its purpose becomes fulfilled. Keeping in mind, here I want to up hold art that is not produced in isolation but born out of direct collaborative practice between two or more people. This can be planned or improvised but it is through this kind of activity that  we can and often must work in ways previously unknown to us giving us new perspectives that broaden ways of seeing the world and engaging with others, often resulting in things we did not believe possible. Through this kind of practice we discover parts of ourselves and others that we could not see in any other way. This is a kind of deep play where the rules are only established to be creatively rubbed out through the process of play. The results of such practice are but an imprint or fossil of the event. These can be shared and in doing so encourage the kind of play that brought them into being.  

The Cloud Eater Timothy B Layden & Martyn Mariot
Tributiary Timothy B Layden & Pan Papacosta

Tributiary by Pan Papacosta & Timothy B Layden

The cloud Eater by Martin Marriott  & Timothy B Layden and cover for the Overflowing Milkmaid with Curved Feet (publication of collective works by memebers of The London Surealist Group, 2012)

jim and tim
The Overflowing Milkmaid with Curved Feet
More performance Madrid 2003

Art Performance in Plaza Tres Peces, Madrid, 2002

Setting up Teknesyn exhibition with Klaus Smidtke, Alcala La Real, Spain 2015

With Jim Seegers: one of our regular meetings at the Hawley Arms in Camden,  around the corner From City Mine(d) London HQ (The Dojo).

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