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Timothy B. Layden


My experience of synesthesia has long been a strong influence on my work. As of recent it has taken a prominent role as a central theme for much of the work I have been doing, from the series of paintings The Shape of Sounds to a dominant charecteristic in  of the main character of the illustrated novel I am developins .


It is not solely my own experiences that interests me.

For many years I have been partaking in collaborative research and curating art exhibtions with members of The UK Synesthesia Association, The International Foundation Artecitta and The American synesthesia Association, as well as with artists and researchers in Latin America, Asia and Africa.  

My personal art work concerning  synesthesia has become an analysis of the subtlest aspects of my sensory experience, whose overlappings create an expansion of experience. By involving myself more in these experiences through analytical artistic experimentation they become a much richer part of my life. In addition I find that the results of the artwork I do inspired in my synesthesia to be some of the most innocent and beautiful.

timothy b layden dark glistening
Timothy B Layden, Entangoed, 2004
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